3 months

Oh, hello.

In September, I left my job and moved to France.

I have 12 weeks to work on coding projects and learn as much as possible.

(Oh and to eat baguettes and travel around Europe.)


Once upon a time, I was a freshman high school student. I took a visual basic class and enjoyed it, and then I took a more advanced programming class in Java. I enjoyed that class too, but I was pretty terrible at it.

So I thought, "Well, that would have been fun. I'll study accounting instead."

(Okay, accounting was kind of fun for me too. But not as much fun as coding!)

It took me the next 15 years to learn that not being great at Java right away possibly, maybe, doesn't mean that I can't learn programming.

Starting Point

A little bit of HTML, CSS and Javascript. I took a JS course in February 2017.

I started learning Ruby and then Ruby on Rails through the Pragmatic Studio's courses back in April 2017.

Without spending time using these tools, it's easy to forget what I learned in class.

The Plan

Armed with my Pragmatic Studios Ruby and Rails courses, plus the assistance of the mighty google, I plan to achieve the following:

  • Learn Rails!
    • Create 6 Rails Apps (bonus practice with Bootstrap along the way)
      1. This blog
      2. Dog breed info site
      3. Broadway show app requested by a friend
      4. Risk Assessment app requested by a parent
      5. Simple accounting app to warm my CPA heart
      6. To be determined
  • Practice JavaScript!
    • Create a Solitaire game
  • Learn React!
    • Don't know enough to know what to do here yet