CS50 Week 2

Published on: Monday 11/27/2017

Author: Kelly-Ann
Project blog

The Week 2 problem set for CS50 was a little frustrating, as I started to realize that the amount of C covered in the course lecture is not really enough to complete the problem set.

What compounded my frustration was that it seemed like the lecture covered the very basics (i.e. what is an array, and don't forget to start counting at 0!) but I was running into all sorts of problems with how to actually USE arrays in C.

I found a very encouraging post where the writer pointed out to someone feeling similarly frustrated that the students taking CS50 live have a textbook, they have classmates to turn to, and they have office hours and TA's to help them out. In other words, if you don't understand CS50 from the lecture alone, that makes sense!

So I ended up getting myself the book "C Programming Absolute Beginner's Guide" and read the first few chapters this weekend while we were traveling.

Today, armed with a bit better understanding about how to think of strings as arrays of characters, I was able to complete the password cracking problem!

Tomorrow I'll watch the lecture for week 3, and hopefully the class combined with this extra book will continue to be the winning formula!

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