Automating workflow with Gulp

Published on: Wednesday 11/15/2017

Author: Kelly-Ann
Project blog

You know how there's that thing where if you show kids a vegetable 5 times and then get them to taste it 3 times or something, they'll like it? (Ha, that seems unlikely.)

I wonder if there's something the same for me for getting into new tools. I have seen Gulp mentioned in a bunch of job ads and forum posts. I finally tried a little tutorial with it a few weeks ago but didn't really get much out of it.

Today I tried this Gulp for Beginners tutorial on CSS Tricks, and it made perfect sense! Possibly it's just a better tutorial than the one I tried before, although going through that one introduced me to this concept of pipes.

The tutorial walks you through using Gulp to compile SCSS and to run a browser that refreshes automatically when you save any of your files. I didn't know how much extra clicking that would save me! It's great.

It truly is a tutorial for beginners, and I appreciate the level of detail in which they explain steps. There's so much knowledge you're missing as a beginner that a little extra detail along with each step can really plug some key knowledge holes!

The next steps are getting this into my regular workflow. I am also really interested in using it to put together the pieces of static sites, like my site.

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