CS50 Week 1

Published on: Tuesday 11/14/2017

Author: Kelly-Ann
Project blog

C syntax seems pretty familiar after spending the last couple years alternating between python, JavaScript and ruby. Although it's a pain having to put the curly braces on a new line when it's otherwise so similar to JavaScript...

There must be something I don't like about "fun looking" programming because I had about 0 interest in playing around with Scratch, used as the intro to programming loops etc in week 0. Simple C codes seems so much easier to parse than the visual style of Scratch.

The part that is unfamiliar and a little intimidating is, of course, the compiler part, since that's not an issue with the other languages I've been learning. The course requires getting set up on Cloud9 to use an IDE specialized for the course. I've messed around with getting Cloud9 set up before with phaser.js , but didn't really get very far with it (because of course, work got in the way.)

Anyway, worked through the first problem set today. One problem took me an absurdly long time because I really just needed to stop and write out on paper what I was trying to get the output to be. I need to remember that key step in case of future interviews that ask me to write some code...

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