First pull request!

Published on: Thursday 12/07/2017

Author: Kelly-Ann
Project blog


Okay, just submitted my first pull request on GitHub!

I have been hearing for awhile that I should contribute to other projects, but I just felt not ready, not ready. Luckily, a supportive friend eventually just said "Look, why don't you do this one?"

It was a nice little issue for Jekyll, a platform which I've been using a bit lately.

The process

It seemed pretty impossible to start. So I tried to figure out what was going on with this piece of code, and tried to understand the code around it.

I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere, so I reached out to r/learnprogramming to see if someone could help walk me through it. Unfortunately, no one was around right then with great code feedback, but there were some comments of encouragement. But just writing my thought process out and putting it up in front of other people forced me to really think about what to do next.

So I figured I should just write the code I (thought I) knew how to write, and see how it went. And it wasn't as simple as I was imagining, but I got it working!

I then had my helpful friend give me some feedback on it and streamlined a bit based on that.

Then asked the jekyll folks on github if it seemed like the right approach. Honestly, I was (okay still am) unreasonably terrified that if I asked them my questions they would be like "What? Why are you messing with our project if you don't even understand that?" even though I know that isn't supposed to be the spirit of open source.

Pull Request

I just submitted the pull request a few minutes ago, and I guess now I see what happens next?

It looks like they actually have quite a lot of open pull requests with several comments on some of them. So I'm off to read those now to see what I should expect . . .

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