Javascripting the night away

Published on: Friday 11/10/2017

Author: Kelly-Ann
Project: Lemonade Stand

I've been brushing up on my javascript by making this little lemonade stand game.

I started out by setting everything to fixed pixel widths and absolute positioning of menu elements. Today I adjusted all the css and markup to make the game much more mobile-friendly. It is still a little wide for the viewport on my phone and a friend's iPhone, so I'll need to put some code in place so that once a screen is small enough, the max width should just be the screen size. Ideally a solution that will scale the whole game, rather than just making it thinner, since then elements will pop out the side.

I also did some user testing with friends and family, and realized that there needs to be a LOT more messaging and information provided, so that players know how their decisions are affecting the results, vs how chance is affecting them.

In the ruby version of the game, I used a gaussian random function to select the base number of customers, so I need to put that in place here too.

And some buttons don't make sense. Users automatically want to click the "options" button to start the day because it's in a prominent place. The problem with trying to keep the game screen nice and minimal with large icons to click is that there are not a ton of choices for where to put things like the options button! I think I might be making the mistake of liking the design of the menu too much because I spent so much time animating it. Probably a simple slide out options menu from the side would be better.

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