Second bachelors degree?

Published on: Wednesday 12/06/2017

Author: Kelly-Ann
Project blog

Oh boy. I just came across this discouraging reddit thread wherein a bunch of people basically say that having a CS degree is super important for breaking into the industry.

I know this isn't the final say on this topic, but many of the comments ring very true for me for what I feel about my own experience teaching myself programming.

Now, the frustrating part is that, as a self-learner wanting to do a "real" CS degree, you could do one at your own pace, nearly free, by following this OSSU Curriculum.

But, after you spend 2 or 3 years working through that, you still won't actually have that degree to slap on your resume.

Another obvious option is to do an online degree, many of which are set up just for people like me who already have one bachelors degree. The draw back here is now you are paying quite a lot of money to get a degree from a not-that-great university.

Meanwhile, Georgia Tech is basically in my backyard. (Or will be, once I'm not in France anymore!) I have no idea if I am a valid applicant, since I've already completed 2 degrees, and maybe I wouldn't get in. But I have reached out to their admissions department to see what my options are.

Ugh, the problem with trying to make decisions like this is that I don't have enough information. Will doing an online degree from ASU open up the same doors that doing an in-person degree would? It is very difficult to tell how the quality of the various online degrees would be evaluated by employers, since none of the schools offering it are ranked very well for their traditional programs.

One of the big benefits I'd see from enrolling in an online program is at least I would get the "student" designation which would make me eligible for internship programs. It seems like getting some kind of CS internship would be very helpful for finding a permanent position later.

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