Up and running!

Published on: Friday 10/06/2017

Author: Kelly-Ann
Project: EncipheredBy

For those who don't know, I'm on an extended vacation in France, during which time I'm trying to learn as much web development as possible!

During my first week, my grand plans seemed in danger, since I spent the entire first day I was here (a Tuesday) either in the process of actually getting here (taking train, etc), and then sleeping. The next day was devoted entirely to walking around this new city. I think the day after that too.

But this weekend, after a day-trip on Saturday, I settled down on Sunday to really jump back into the Pragmatic Studio Ruby on Rails course I've been working my way through. I started the Rails I course back in May, I think, and began Rails II in mid-June.

Of course, then life happened (wedding, etc.)

But I was able to review the Rails I course over only 3 days, completing all the exercises (again), building the bones of this blog in the process. Since then, I've made it almost all the way through the videos of the Rails II course, and I've put some of the first lessons into action by adding user sign in options and admin authorization to this blog!

I can't wait to finish up the videos and put the next lessons to use here too.

After that, I am clearly in need of some serious CSS studying--it seems that even the simplest design doesn't work well without me learning a bit more about layouts.

Au revoir!

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