Wrestling with Bootstrap

Published on: Saturday 10/07/2017

Author: Kelly-Ann
Project: EncipheredBy

During the week, I try to stay focused on learning rails, but this weekend I let myself just mess around with the CSS for my two websites, plus a template for a rails website I'm going to make for a friend this week.

As always, messing around with CSS reminds me of how difficult it all is! I realized last time I was trying to make a pretty website, I should just use Bootstrap. Bootstrap seems to be the best thing since sliced bread on the internet, and yet every time I start working with it, I immediately start trying to wrangle it into doing something it doesn't seem to want to do.

So then I'll decide that the smart approach is to just design a website that looks the same as some other popular bootstrap-wielding site. But then I remember that of course I dislike all those designs, usually because I don't have enough perfectly square photos in my arsenal to have the design make sense!

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